Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week may be coming up, but really, it’s always the perfect time to let a teacher know how much they matter! I thought i’d show some of my favorite ways to celebrate the hard work and dedication of teachers.


I’m a little coffee obsessed, so of course my favorite way to celebrate is with coffee! I like to attach these cards to K-cups and instant Starbucks coffee in the lounge for my coworkers.

For those who don’t drink coffee, I might attach these tags to tea, hot chocolate, or every teacher’s love – flair pens:


You can get both of these notes for free here:


I also LOVE the idea of the Staff Shout Out board from Ms. Houser! What a great idea to give staff a boost any time of the year!


And of course, we all love personal notes from students. This free printable from Frugal Novice would be perfect to have your child give to their teacher!


Thank you teachers for all that you do! If you’re every doubting your importance, remember:


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