Five for Friday 5/27/2016

Do you know what this means??! After today, I’m officially on summer break!

The kids’ last day was yesterday. We tried to trick parents into taking their kids home early by hosting a family picnic…

But it backfired when they showed up, pumped them with sugar, then left them there wound up for the rest of the day. Just a warning if you get any “great ideas” like we did 😉

This last week was crazy with field day and field trips and picnics, but we still had to learn something.

You can read about our fun with states of matter here. The best part was when we visited a goat farm the next day and one kiddo said the cheese making process was like when we learned about how matter changes forms.

Real world connections for the win! 

I’m officially in charge of writing a kindergarten weather unit that fully aligns to NGSS standards this summer. One topic that was a surprising hit this year was learning how to read weather maps.

Do you have any suggestions/topics you’d like to see covered in a weather unit? I’m open to every idea!

Last but definitely not least… Guess who got our alternative seating approved?

These babies are now sitting in my cart. Has anyone used these and loved/hated them? They’re cheaper than bath mats right now.

3 thoughts on “Five for Friday 5/27/2016

  1. Caitlin says:

    I’ve tried to trick parents into taking their kids home early, too! Some years it’s worked, and I had only 6 kids left with me, and other years everyone leaves their kids at school. You never know what you’re going to get! Enjoy feeling human again this summer 🙂


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