Five for Friday

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First things first… Collaborating in Kinder is live!

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 I’m not gonna lie, it was a pretty stressful set-up, just because of my own technical incompetence. That said, i’m so happy with the set up and can’t wait to refine it more.



The end of the year stress was starting to get to me a few weeks ago, so when I got the idea to put together monthly tubs for next year, I jumped on it.


If you want to see what’s in these tubs and the other ways i’m beginning to prepare for next year, check out my last post here.


After today, we only have 4 days left until we’re first graders!

This week is probably going to be one of the craziest weeks of my life. We have field day, a field trip, and a family picnic all planned, but we also have to fill all that extra time when we all know the students’ brains are 100% not in the classroom.

I’m planning lots of hands-on crafts and activities like this memory flip-up book:


This is a freebie you can download here.


I’ve been doing some research this week to present to my administration on a little something that rhymes with shno shtables, shno shairs (aka no tables, no chairs).

Of course, I have the success of Greg over at The Kindergarten Smorgasboard to thank for sparking my interest.


I actually taught Montessori for a little bit, so this isn’t a new idea for me, but it wasn’t one I was necessarily comfortable with in my current traditional school setting. Honestly, its still not something i’m totally comfortable with {giving up control is hard, all!}, but after a lot of research, I am convinced its best practice.


Its May and its the last week of school  and all chaos and I know your brains are probably just as fried as mine, so i’ll just leave you with this:


3 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. Tidy Teacher says:

    Yassss! Love the monthly tub containers! #organizationjunkie I’m headed over to your store to download and leave feedback on an awesome resource! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your last couple of weeks!


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