Preparing for Next Year – Before This Year Is Even Over!

Let me preface this post by saying I am a complete Type B personality. I could keep all of my things in piles upon piles and never be bothered.

So I am completely aware of the irony of me writing a post about organizing and preparing. But stress does funny things to people. For example, it turns me into a Type A organizing machine.

As the school year winds down, i’m dealing with the stress by getting as prepared as possible for next year. Just in case you’re similar to me, or you’re just looking for some ideas to get ahead, I have some ideas for you.


I started putting together monthly bins I can throw everything i’ll know i’ll need each month into. These bins are 2/$5 at Target and the stickers on the front are from Target as well.


Here’s what’s in each bin:

  • Books for Shared Reading
  • Pieces for whole group word work (in the small file)
  • Themed units (in the large file)
  • Morning work/printables
  • BUILD Centers
  • Writing Center Vocabulary Cards (not pictured)

What’s not in these bins?

  • Other literacy and math centers (I keep these organized by center/skill)
  • Reading, Writing, Math curriculum (I keep these in monthly binders)
  • Lesson Plans (I keep these in a big binder all together)


This is the time of year I also start thinking about what theme and colors I want next year. I saw this Washi Classroom Decor set by Sharp in Second and I fell head over heels in love. I’m getting it all printed and laminated now so I can spend free time this summer cutting it out.


I went through a small panic-induced planning session when I found out I was going to be the lead kindergarten teacher next year with two new teachers and I also needed to write a new science curriculum for our school, so I sat down and created a yearly overview for each subject.

You’re going to think i’m 100% crazy now…


I finished general lesson plans for the year as well. Again, stress-induced planning attack.

These plans are actually very basic, because they just highlight what lesson we’ll hit in the curriculum, what sight words/phonics skills we’ll cover, and what themed activities we may do.

Last but not least:


I get data tracking sheets prepared for each skill we need to assess for our report cards and one for each unit. These are a freebie from Brandy Showmaker and I LOVE them.

This is the second section in my lesson plans & data tracking binder. By having these all prepared, its just one more step in guaranteeing i’ll actually track in a uniform way (not just piles of papers stuffed in folders… oops).

I hope some of these ideas got you inspired to do a little end of the year planning as well! If you have any amazing organizational/planning ideas, PLEASE let me know!

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