Collaborating in Kinder is Live!

cik logo2.png

Welcome to Collaborating in Kinder! My name is Natalie and i’m a kindergarten teacher from the Midwest. I’m also an author at TpT {Natalie Lynn}.

A little bit about me:

I’m going into my second year teaching kindergarten. Before this I taught first grade and elementary Montessori.

My classroom always smells like coffee. Probably because I have at least 2 cups at all times.

I’m a Chicago fan all the way.

I’m a strong believer in hands-on learning and most of the content of this blog will be focused ways to make learning fun.

I’m not technically proficient at all, so getting this blog completely set up will be a work in progress, but i’m excited to get started! In a few weeks, it will be looking completely different around here.

You may have been following me at I’m working on moving that content over but again… Work in progress. 

Hope to see you around here!

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